The learning theory informing this course is experiential learning, also known as active learning because you participate actively in the learning process rather than passively receiving knowledge as if you are an empty vessel to be filled by the instructor. This theory is closely related to discovery learning, the foundation of most of the writing assignments in my courses.

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Traditional learning retention rates are 5-10%; Experiential learning retention rates are 80-90%


An example: On May 24, 2008, at 12:40 PM, Hannah Chesser sent this email: "Dear Professor, Yesterday I watched the new Indiana Jones movie . . . . There is one part where Indiana Jones (who is also a professor) rides a motorcylce through a library . . .. Along the way he skids into one of his students who then proceeds to ask him an intellectual question, ignoring the urgency of the situation. Jones then answers the question and tells the student to get out of the library more often. It's a very comical scene! And, it reminded me so much of you . . ."     

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