Gone to TexasLewis Carroll Does U.T.

Summary of themes

Alice Script



U. T. student follows longhorn into hole, faces confusing building abbreviations and room nos., drinking, junk food, Ruskin’s dry prose, theWalrus and the Carpenter, a professor’s office, Pres. Faulkner’s office and garden, and a turtle.


U. T. physics student late for class, gets lost in a garden, falls in a pond, dries off by reciting Theocritus, encounters a lion, a unicorn, and a snake with a hookah. At Waller creek she joins the Mad Hatter’s tea party.


U. T. student finds herself in CandyLand. The white rabbit becomes a Milk Duds box in a vending machine and they both fall into Candyland, hear parodies of football yells, and meet a Jolly Bean named Mr. bump.



A freshman moves into a dorm seeking her purpose, but finds students as animals, the white rabbit as a kangaroo, and the Natural Sciences adviser as a caterpillar. She tries Kinsolving food. She is late for world lit class, where someone named bumpty Dumpty facilitates a debate about theft by a knave at the mad hatter’s tea party.


U. T. student chases knowledge as the white rabbit, amid the distractions of potions and the “live music capitol of the world,” the great outdoors, and new friends. She joins a mad tea party in Parlin Hall and joins Discovery tours of the Story of Texas museum, the Littlefield house, Taniguchi garden, and Town Lake.


U. T. student follows a Longhorn in miniskirt through a garden of flowers, by a Codfish fountain, to a concert of creatures.


U. T. student encounters a New Orleans’ Bead Lady, a white rabbit, a talking turtle, and then finds herself in the HRC talking to Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, J. Frank Dobie and various obfuscating professors. Eventually she ends up on the Drag talking a Drag Worm, Bevo, Locohorn fans, and Humpty-bumpty who has a great fall.


A student from UT Arlington, follows her brother, the white rabbit, to UT Austin, to the Castilian, to advisers, to homeless men, to mean girls at Starbucks, to a real estate office, to a golf course, and finally to a student organization.


At her high school graduation a Texas Alice falls through a trapdoor into a world with girls shaped like scissors and toothbrushes, singing dogs, shuttle buses, a tower, a hurrying Duchess, orange cows, a tea party, the UGL, and the Biology Ponds.


Texas Alicia gets a key and college letter of acceptance from the mail box but it starts talking and sucks her into a huge snowstorm. Her arm talks to her, takes the key, and opens the door to her new orange apartment. Taking a shower she ends up as a fish at the bottom of the sea and takes a submarine to Marlin Hall where she joins various schools of fish. She turns into a turtle in the Biology Ponds , then as a human encounters Fraterinity brothers Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the Drag, the Tower, and a class heading for "the Tree of Life."


Chasing an alibino squirrel, a U.T. student is hit by a car and goes to garden by the President's office in the tower and tries to get into the little red door, but after drinking a special longneck he shrunk and entered and found himself in a pond with a lot of strange creatures and then in a forest of petrified trees and then a little cottage with a Drag Rat with a hookah and a guitar. The police bust them but the student eats a mushroom and becomes gigantic to get away. He finds himself a on a golf course with longhorns and more strange creatures.


U. T. student follows a spider to Battle Hall, the Tower, and a hole into which it disappears. Student throws his notebook down the hole and later near the site finds Lewis Carroll's diary of his student days at Christ Church. He compares their experiences and later turns into a white rabbit in the middle of class in search of the carrot of good grades.


U. T. student converses with the turtles in the Biology Ponds , falls in, climbs out into a new world, enters a nearby greenhouse of talking plants, a chameleon, and a graduate student who introduces her to a hedge-maze of competing subjects and teachers.


U. T.student encounters a Royal Tea Party, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and sings her version of "Twinkle Twinkle little bat." She finds herself in a debate about Nominalism vs. Modernism vs. Medievalism. Then she runs into Bevo, sings about an unbirthday, sings the Eyes of Texas, and worships the U.T. totem animal.



U. T. engineering student, tempted by the liberal arts, parties at Waller creek, fraternities, sororities, drinking, finally follows the white rabbit to RLM.



A freshman arrives at U.T., to unfamiliar faces, chasing rabbit, drink me, south Mall sleeping student vs. red king sleeping in forest, young man w. Wendy’s meal vs;. caterpillar with hookah, learning campus buildings, Cheshire cat vs. campus squirrels, Biology class as mad tea party, Prof and TA as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, will look back on memories as Alice the matron will.


U. T.student has strange encounters with the Washington statue, Bevo, Littlefield fountain, the Hogg statue, the Tower, and the stadium.


U. T.student sees parallels to his life in the Alice books.


U. T. student follows a longhorn in a tutu down into a hot tub, into the Castilian dormitory, big classes, Welch hall, the state capitol, the stadium, and a strange class about "Oxford."



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