Sugarhill Gang


Rapper's Delight sound clip

Rapper's Delight lyrics and 2-minute version of the song


The Sugarhill Gang inaugurated the history of recorded hip-hop with their single "Rapper's Delight," a multi-platinum seller and radio hit in 1979. The Sugarhill Gang were hooked up to cash on a supposed novelty item, but their new sound caught the airwaves.

Music producer and label-owner Sylvia Robinson had become aware of the massive hip-hop block parties occurring around the New York area during the late '70s, so she gathered three local rappers (Master Gee, Wonder Mike and Big Bank Hank) to record a single. The catchy, "Rapper's Delight" borrowed the break from Chic's "Good Times" and became a worldwide hit, eventually selling over eight million copies. Most industry people figured rap for a short-lived trend, and although they were dead wrong, the Sugarhill Gang certainly did not carry the torch.

From the Sugarhill Gang came the works of Grandmaster Flash. He and the Furious Five were one of the many hip-hop artist's that took the lead from the Gang and developed a genre of music that now spans the entire globe.